For Love or Money?

Making a career from my art was always the plan, even as a small child. Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. So goes the old saying. I’ve made my living from making and selling my creations for more than half my working life, either for a ‘boss’ or […]


Write Your Best Life

Debbie Millman, designer, visionary, and by all accounts all-round top lady, told me (through the power of podcasts) to spend some time writing down my ten-year goals. Actually, she recommends 10-year goals to young people. For those my age, she suggests we go for 5-year goals! She highly recommends spending some time, even a few hours, […]


My Mission as a Maker of things

The act of making, is the act of creating a life. And no I’m not talking about babies… The act of making something can be bold, or simple, depending on how much courage you think is required to make the ‘thing’. Is it dinner, and you’ve made that dish 100 times before? Or is it […]