The new cover of my book Alia Henry and the Ghost Writer. The pink cover shows a shadowy mansion in the background and a young woman with flowing dark hair approaches the house. A full moon hovers overhead.

Alia Henry and the Ghost Writer

After a stunt lands heiress and comedian Alia Henry in lock-up, she finds herself under house-arrest in a crumbling mansion owned by Whitehall International, a company she discovers controls much of her ‘free-range’ life. Detoxing and device-free, she must write her contracted novel or face dire consequences.

But she is not alone on the once-magnificent estate. Phillip, Whitehall’s unquestioning aide-de-camp, intrigues and infuriates her in equal measure and wandering the house at night, she meets Braith, eccentric writer-in-residence and mixer of marvellous cocktails.

Each day she struggles to write but at night, under the light of an increasingly implausible full moon, Alia delights in exotic drinks and dazzling conversation with the mysterious Braith.

Not usually one for asking questions, she wonders is Braith a ghost…? Or is she?

Funny, smart, and full of heart, Alia Henry discovers what happens when you look up from your screen long enough to see the people in front of you.


If you’re like me you can use a bit of an escape these days. Take a look at Christine Betts’ new novel, Alia Henry and the Ghost Writer. I was honored to be able to read an advance copy and I have to tell you I loved it! Plunging into life in an old chateau in the Loire Valley, the lives of these interesting characters and a captivating mystery was the perfect antidote to today’s messy state of affairs. Lady Thalia Henry, spoiled heiress, social media star and wild child is “imprisoned” in a battered and warn Loire Valley chateau in the midst of a renovation and finds herself undergoing a personal renovation of her own. Forced to honor a writing commitment she embarks on nightly time travels, a la Midnight in Paris. Are these dreams? Are they ghost stories? Whatever they are they are lovely and soul changing. So well written, this book was so delicious I was sorry for it to end. 5 Stars.

– Katherine Watt, Paris