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January sees me reviving Mimi to see if she can still get away with murder… I think she will, but I am going to need to kill a few of my own darlings in the process. I just have too many characters!

Mimi – a former child star and beauty queen who has managed to create a cult-like following for her quirky science-fiction heavy body of work. And her body. And she’s a piece of work.

Nicole – Mimi’s sister. A former child star who cannot get far enough away from the movie business…until she gets sucked back into it and spat out.



I did it!!! I wrote 50, 000 words in 30 days. Excuse me while I go lie down…

It’s rough, but its written!

What am I writing right now?

NANOWRIMO is here!!! I did Camp Nano in April, but doing Nanowrimo is a dream come true. Years ago, I heard about it and talked about it a few times…but now it’s real!

Day 19 and I am a little behind (only a lazy 4000 words…)

I spent October gathering ideas for Nanowrimo. I started a Pinterest board for my prep for the novel that may be called something like The Circle of Ashes. Here is my fairly shitty cover made in Canva. I want to add an Ouroboros. I will be visiting my fave cover designer on Fiverr shortly!

circle of ashes.jpg

The Pinterest board isn’t very sexy just yet, just a lot of maps and history. Imagine my surprise when I found out that my theory that Britain was originally attached to Europe is pretty much established scientific fact. Ha! I must have heard it somewhere during my education. Apparently, when the polar ice caps from the last Ice Age melted, it gradually flooded the area leaving Britain separated from the mainland forever. Doggerland map.jpg

My character/s will leave their home in Brittany to make a pilgrimage. They may never return home. I am really excited about this project because I am learning something new every day!

Before Nanowrimo kicked off I wanted to finish the first drafts of Paris in a Day – Book 2 – The Paris Souvenir and Book 3 – Mirra. The Paris Souvenir is a darker story but still on the themes of love and regret in the same ‘universe’ as Hotel Deja Vu. Paul and Mary, who met in Paris have returned years later to ask themselves where everything went so wrong. It’s a love story of sorts, but with a dark twist and a return to the time-travel motif.

Mirra, on the other hand, will be a huge departure from my other stories. Still set in Paris, the MC is a geneticist and is working alone in her lab for the 24-hour period over which the story is set. Unlike my other stories which are very character-heavy (and some people say confusing…sorry…heads up, don’t read Song of Ice and Fire! GRRM loves using a LOT of characters!), Mirra is the only character. There may also be a lethal virus that will wipe out the population, but that isn’t really a character. Oh, and zombie monkeys.

What’s happening in 2019?

My blog and my fiction are the priority. I’ll be limiting my social media and marketing to concentrate on writing.

everything gets%E2%80%A8better with coffee.jpg

I really want to write a time travel/supernatural love story about a couple who communicate across time using an old typewriter. A bit cliche but maybe I can write something with a fresh perspective! It’s a work in progress.

Earlier in 2018…

How time flies!

I launched Paris in a Day – Book 1 – Julie largely giving zero shits about the whole process. I’ve sold approximately 4 copies!

My Facebook page is home to a community of 2700 Paris Lovers! I am writing a series of short stories, set in Paris, of course, and uploading the next part of the story every few days. You can find some raw stories on the Facebook page, or see the more polished version here. My next work set in Paris is called Paris Souvenir, about a couple who let their regrets drive their lives, and how Paris could make or break them.


In April 2018, I put myself through the mill of Camp NaNoWriMo.  Part pleasure, part pain, I achieved my goal of 40,000 words in 30 days, which apparently makes me a winner! I did look around the room and give a little cheer to myself when I uploaded the manuscript, but there was no-one there to celebrate with me. Just the cats. twitter

Oh, and apparently…

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