Computer woes.

How wonderful technology is, but oh how frustrating when your technology lets you down. My PC has been acting up since we moved and I’ve been unusually calm about it because I wanted to prioritise settling in to the new place over work. It’s going off to Dr Troy today for a tune up.

I love that I can do the occasional blog post and make notes on my iPhone but I find it tedious not to mention easy to place in the “too hard basket” or the ‘fuckit bucket’.

No excuses though for neglecting my journaling or long-hand writing except that I chose to put them in the back burner until September. I don’t feel bad about it because everything in it’s right time, eh? Bring on the Spring

The drive to minimise continues…

I’ve worked through the cartons that haven’t been opened for years and now working on the real tough stuff. Some things are easy to deal with ~ no one needs this many ‘how-to’ art books. Other things present more of a struggle ~ the teddy bear Terry gave me for my 18th birthday, or the painting my nana gave us for our wedding. I can’t really keep that as an heirloom for Calvin because it wasn’t given to me and Michael. That would be weird.

I’m going to scan the photos and have the home videos digitally formatted. I’ve sent my friend’s wedding and engagement invitations that I’ve kept for 25 years off to her… yes, for someone who has moved about 12 times in 20 years, I’ve certainly kept some crazy stuff.

And I’m sure there’s some psychology in that…