90 number 1.

The last two weeks have gone by in a blur and I still have a pile of crap in my garage. I gave myself three weeks to get it all sorted; should have made it two.

There are a few things in the 90 day pile. This pile consists of things I am reluctant to Re-home but if I don’t rescue them within 90 days, out they go!

90 number 2

I’m super keen to get back to writing. There is power in letting something be for a couple of weeks. I’m chomping at the bit to get back to my writing, which I’m happy about. By contrast, I have no intention to drag out the paints, although I’m going to do some drawings for a series of blog posts.

So from tomorrow I will return to my 3×90 minute blocks of creative work; a 90 minute blog, 90 minutes editing and 90 minutes working on something new.

And of course NaNoWriMo is coming up in November. Should I continue the theme and write 90,000 words..? Maybe not. 😆

90 number 3

I strictly limit my time on social media (10 minutes, twice daily) but I had a bit of “waiting for hubby” time today so I had a scroll through insta. The hashtag thelast90 caught my attention. I’m jumping in with both feet, this last 90 days of 2018.

Can you believe that? The year is coming to a close.

I saw Christmas decorations in David Jones department store this week. Fark.

So I’m setting some goals for #thelast90. I’d set a couple of intentions at the new moon a few weeks back and so far, so good. I have to admit I’m a bit of a beast when it comes to goals.

It’s not all creative stuff. I’m setting a few personal goals with regards to my health and finances, but writing features very heavily. My number 1 goal is to get my paperback version of Hotel Déjà Vu out for Christmas.

I’d love you all to join me for #thelast90


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