Rejection Goals

Notching up the rejections for my Rejection Goal for 2020. I have a manuscript out there at the moment and the truth is, even if it’s really good, it will be super hard to sell due to the current global clusterfuck we find ourselves in. I’m still waiting for that rejection, but I got another today. I’ve been entering a few short story competitions and not getting anywhere which is totally fine because when I read the winning entries, I am in awe of how great they are and how utterly rubbish mine are in comparison.

Anyway, I set a goal of 20 rejections and I am up to about 4, so I really need to get moving if I want 16 more rejections in this year. I think I should be keeping a spreadsheet but I’m really not that organised.

I love this quote but I am unsure who actually said it. It’s been attributed to Lewis, Walt Whitman and William Nicholson but I’m just going to leave it right here…

Someone once said experience is a brutal teacher. But you learn. My God, do you learn. Soooo…. exactly what are we learning from the global Covid-19 pandemic? Geez… so much and nothing terribly usable at the same time. I mean, we’re learning to surrender to what is because that is really all we can do. It’s a great lesson and, because humans have really short memories, one we tend to have to learn over and over throughout our lives.

During this crazy time, most of the time I’m chipper and task-focused but a couple of times in the past few weeks my fears have come bubbling to the surface, including tonight. I just had a little wobble… Truth is, this isn’t the biggest challenge I’ve faced personally, and it’s not even the biggest challenge our business has faced. A few years back we dealt with some people who not only threatened our financial future but at times made us question our sanity and pushed us and our partner to the edge. They were verbally abusive and took pleasure in isolating us, convincing us we were alone. It is the closest I hope I ever come to an abusive relationship. It was awful, not something I would wish anyone to have to deal with. By comparison, a global pandemic flat-lining our industry seems totally doable, as long as we all stay well. It sounds mad, but given the opportunity to deal with those people again or this, I would choose this. If I had to, for myself, but not for those I love.

So I’m grateful for this opportunity to be grateful for the strength of my marriage, by business, and my mindset, even if I did eat a small block of chocolate and drank a glass of whiskey just now.