meditations on the new moon

I’m getting stuff done. This is what I do when I’m stressed and scared; I nut up! As in, I buckle down and get shit done! And what more perfect time to nut up than a new moon? Right now, as I write this just after midday on 25th April, 2020, we are smack bang in the middle of a Taurus new moon. (I follow the amazing Dr Michael Lennox. Look him up on Facebook and Instagram for his insightful posts.) Taurus teaches us about love and my only intention right now for this new moon is to be more loving. I can be a bit of a b i t c h I have to admit and I’ve been a bit crabby, so I’m going to cut that out and just be loving and kind. Dr Lennox says that Uranus, the Great Awakener, is in there too and Scorpio, which is all about change…hey if you want it to make sense, go and follow Dr Lennox.

It’s time to be more loving and to open our eyes and see that change is happening whether we accept it or not. We can thrive or we can shrivel up and throw a pity party!

I choose love. I choose to thrive, even if the world doesn’t look the way I thought it would right now.

I’ve been doing lots of metta loving kindness meditations on Insight Timer (download the app, sign in, search for Metta and pick one) and using a combination of guided meditations from Davidji (also on Spotify and elsewhere) the Wheel of Awareness from Dr Dan Siegel (which is actually a form of Metta meditation) and the Dr Joe Dispenza ‘Space’ meditations (on YouTube and Spotify). Despite all this I’ve struggled with the stress of the past week, worrying about our business in this lock down, and feeling sad that I can’t see family and friends. I don’t think I could keep up with what’s going on without my meditation practice, to be honest.

One very good meditation I have been using for years is the Intending for others visualisation. Dr Lynne McTaggert and Dr Joe Dispenza and others I am sure, have done a lot of work on the positive outcomes of intending positively for others during your meditation, both for the intendee and the intender! I can’t remember where I learned this visualisation but it goes like this:

  • Think of or visualise a person. This can be done with eyes opened or closed, but I do it with my eyes closed. Get a sense of the person and see if you can see their face, their clothes, their hair. They might be talking, or laughing, or going about their work. They might also be standing still.
  • Now see that person or think about that person walking out onto a spot lit stage. See them standing on the stage, alone, in the spotlight, smiling out into the spotlight.
  • Around you, get the sense of a crowd seated in the dark theatre, so on the stage, there stands the person you visualised, and the crowd is there to see them.
  • Now visualise the crowd starting to cheer the person on the stage. The crowd is appreciating and cheering the person on the stage and they are smiling kindly at the audience, grateful for the applause. You are applauding, too and see yourself, getting to your feet and starting a standing ovation. You are happy and the person is smiling and grateful on the stage.
  • You can repeat this for anyone you know.
  • You can repeat this with yourself on the stage.
  • This is very powerful to do while visualising someone you are having problems with, someone you don’t like, or someone you feel has wronged you, or taken what is yours. Don’t ask me how it works but it does. I have used it in some really difficult relationships and it helps take the pain out of the situation.

Feature Photo by Dominik kielbasa on Unsplash