My rejection goal for 2020

On the latest episode of So You Think You Want to be A Writer featuring Kirli Saunders blew my mind. What an inspiring young woman! Val and Al always ask theri interviewees to give their top 3 tips for writers and #2 on Kirli’s list is to set a rejection goal. Yikes! Sooo…I have now set my rejection goal for 2020 at, you guessed it, 20.

Furious Fiction submissions will probably account for 12 (unless I actually make the short list and then I’ll be so bloody chuffed that I won’t be able to count it as a rejection, even if it’s not an actual win!) So I will have another 8 to rack up. Looks like I’ll be learning how to write query letters in December… I gotta get some skin in the game.

Resources –

How to write Query letters from Australian Writers’ Marketplace. Four simple tips include this one

#4 You’re not completely insane (this is the follow-on from the ‘don’t be more arrogant than God’ bit above). An agent won’t agree to represent you if you manage to come across as completely nuts in a 200-word letter. Try to hide this aspect of your personality for as long as possible; don’t open your very first communication to them with ‘may all your camels be bountiful’. And FYI, jokes don’t come across too well in letters. Neither does sarcasm.

The Beautiful Writers podcast has their own course and workbook on the subject.

One from the Writers’ Digest with easy to follow tips –

And my favourite Agent even though I don’t write in her desired genre, is Barabra Poelle. She’s a firecracker and I might consider writing a thriller just to see if she likes it. Listen to her here on the Writers Digest Podcast.

Feature Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash