Week 1 of Not Blogging – An Update

Ginger enjoys disrupting my writing time. I am forced to write with the keyboard on my lap so he can sit on the desk. In other words, I am rubbish at setting boundaries. One day, I will have a lovely office with a nice chair and shelves and the pièce de résistance, a door.

brilliant Insta account – The Female Lead

I don’t read the newspaper or watch the news on tv. I don’t go to Facebook very often and I don’t listen to commercial radio, so I miss a lot of what’s going on out there in the world. I saw first hand the empty loo paper shelves at the local supermarket. Australians are funny. Plenty of bread and milk on the shelves but no toilet rolls. I’m not sure what they think the Corona virus does but I was pretty sure it was a respiratory thing not an eliminatory thing.

gotta love the memes. we might be going to hell but we’re laughing all the way

I just realised I get most of my news from Instagram. Yikes. Not sure if that’s a good thing. Just watched the Cynthia Nixon video and the video a woman made inspired by it and was then asked to take it down…Don’t know the full story there…

apparently she’s running for government, Go Cynthia!

Do you follow Astrology? I’m not talking about Horoscopes in the paper but the movements of the planets etc and how they can (or not) effect us. I listen to Dr Michael Lennox and he makes it all make sense. I sailed through most of the Mercury Retrogrades last year but this most recent one February 17 to March 10 has been brutal! In that time my husband’s car crapped itself, my brand new phone had to been re-set, the internet at work died and I had to eventually hang up on the Telstra guy after 4 hours on the phone so I didn’t say something I’d regret. We’ve had numerous failures on machinery at work, although that’s pretty much a regular occurrence unfortunately! We’ve had flat tyres, a dead computer monitor, a new printer that just kept falling off the network, staff being idiots (also, sadly, not an uncommon thing…) Even my bloody Pinterest Button stopped working!

I don’t know if it’s all a bunch of hooey. Maybe I’m just looking for correlations but bring on March 10 when Mercury goes direct and the full moon signals a time to edit!! I’ve been testing the theory that it’s better to create in a waxing moon (getting bigger) and edit in a waning moon (getting smaller.) Who knows if it’s a thing but I need all the help I can get.

I haven’t been alone in the car much lately. As I said, Hubby’s car died and we’ve been driving to work together. I swear my obsession with podcasts is making me an introvert! I would much rather drive the three hour return trip to my mums place alone than with a passenger. That’s three hours of uninterrupted podcast time!

I found another writing podcast last week and have been bingeing to my heart’s content! (The Writer’s Well with Rachael Herron and J Thorn.) I’ve really been missing my podcast-time. I listen while I’m driving or doing housework and I did neither while we were away. I had heaps downloaded and queud but my 6 hour flights were taken up with (flight there – watching the Downton Abbey movie…sigh… and The Goldfinch…amazing! and flight home – reading Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty…Wow!) so inhaling this new podcast has been fun this week, as has having a bit of time to fly solo, even if it did include cleaning cat trays!

I’ve missed my blog a little this week but the good news is my evil plot to use the time to write more fiction is working! muhahahahahaha! I’ve nearly hit the 60K point for my first draft of ‘Thalia’ and really happy with how it’s going. Joanna Penn spoke to Barbara Poelle (my agent crush) last week and the great conversation renewed my interest in finding an agent. Barbara is funny and intelligent and really knows her stuff. Hey I might even pitch Thalia to her – I think it would sell well in the US and she did say she was looking for a quirky love story!

For my novella/short story compilation I’m working with the same cover designer I used for Hotel Deja Vu and it’s been a slightly more frustrating process this time. I gave her heaps of concept images and info to work with but the first two concepts she came back with were…horrific! Just awful and polar opposite to the stimulus material. We’re finally getting somewhere and I think it will be ready in few days. I really need to format the interior… I’m not one for cloak and dagger cover reveals. I can’t imagine anyone caring enough! I’m just puddling along here doing my best.

Then I look at this post (Simply the worst book covers on Amazon) and I don’t feel too bad.

I actually want to read this!

Signing off this first instalment of the week that was and heading back to my first draft… see you next week.Cxx