My cover designer is stuffing me around so I took a break from writing this evening to make a cover for a book that I am going to query. I repeat – this story is going to be shopped around, so seriously, has there ever been a more pointless hour spent? A glimpse inside some serious procrastination. I should be writing, I should be editing, and I should be learning how to write a pitch.

I need some of that finishing energy Joanna Penn talks about!

i do think it looks pretty good!

But then didn’t Arthur Miller say… Don’t be seduced into thinking that that which does not make a profit is without value. And I once heard Oprah say ‘Nothing is wasted…’

So this morning the cover designer has refunded my money and we’ve gone our separate ways. I’m not surprised. It was a dog’s breakfast! Onward and Upward.

And here’s my pitch so far.

I am seeking representation for my 70,000-word romantic comedy, Alia Henry and the Ghost Writer.

Stand-up comic and minor member of the royals, Alia Henry, loves to outrage and party hard. After a stunt lands her in a spot of bother, her agent negotiates a house-arrest, something only money and influence can buy. The ‘house’ in question is a crumbling chateau in France, Château de Rêves, artists’ colony and home to the enigmatic writer, Braith with whom she shares a passion for words and whiskey.

The fact that Braith may be a ghost doesn’t bother her; he mixes a terrific cocktail.

But Braith isn’t the only writer-in-residence at the chateau. Phillip is a complex man, nothing like the ‘boys’ she knows. Things go downhill quickly but Alia finds him irresistible, even if he finds her insufferable. But it’s her friendship with artist Camryn and her little dog, that keeps Alia sane, and she eventually she learns to dig deep and write because it’s the only thing left to do.

After a career in business and the visual arts I have been writing for three years publishing an-almost daily blog on creativity. Alia Henry is one of five fiction manuscripts in progress, full of strong female characters who are far from perfect.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my work.  My first 10 pages and synopsis follow.  Upon your request, I would be happy to provide the complete manuscript.

Christine Betts

That’s not too bad. I’d buy that book! Now I just have to finish the damn thing!