The four hour weekend…

This is a bit of fun…inspired by my husband and his tireless work ethic. Fans of the amazing Tim Ferris book, The Four Hour Work Week will get the joke. We had a lot of fun making this. Who knows, we might just write the damn book!

Chapters include

  • How to Direct Staff Without Going Off The Deep End.
  • Lunch Breaks? Does the Boss Really Need Them?
  • Why Your Staff Drive Better Cars Than You.
  • Vacations: Gadgets to Help You Take The Office with You.
  • Working with Family: Is it ever a good idea?
  • Feigning Interest during Business Conversations at the Dinner table.
  • Conferences? They Count As Vacations, right?

Bonus feature – sandwich recipes your wife/bookkeeper/HR person can whip up in the make-shift kitchen in your office.

Feature Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash


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