8 types of rest

I found a pic on Pinterest last week that listed 9 types of rest. I thought that was one too many, so I went with 8 and made my own list inspired by that one.

My favourite is number two, permission to not be helpful, which I lifted in it’s entirety from the list I found. This litte sentence spoke to my soul! I’m a helper, it’s what I’ve always done. I am assured it’s an adopted-person thing to do and I did it in spades until I resented the crap out of everyone around me. I even had an alter-ego I called Timika (timid and meek but she can make a mean cup-o-tea!) I had no boundaries but I hated everyone I worked with because they too advantage of my desperate need to be liked.

These days I find myself struggling to set boundaries with my family and for me, a day off ‘being helpful’ is a dream!

Hubby said he wanted to go away this weekend and my heart sank. I used to be very much a ‘go away’ type person but now I just want to chill at home sometimes. I live right near one of the most beautiful beaches in the world; why would I want to go away? Well, I do a lot, I know, but this weekend I just wanted to hang here. My hubby has what everyone’s grannie used to call ‘ants in his pants.’ He likes to go, go, go; drives me bonkers.

Palm Beach Queensland. I’m going to say it’s one of the nicest beaches in the world. Definitely one of the cleanest.

Besides I’ve got a lot of writing to do with Nanowrimo in full swing. I am up to 7500 words and going strong.