On the weekend I smashed out my #furiousfiction and nearly 5000 words for Nano. I’ve taken the last couple of weekends off from the blog but still had my best month yet in page views and engagement with readers. So from now on, weekends are for fiction.

November is well and truly here and I’m nearly 6000 words into my project. It came down to the wire as to what I was going to write. Previously I was a dedicated Pantser, preferring to wing it and ‘fly by the seat of my pants.’ I started writing on Friday with my story in my head but I was quite confused and befuddled by Saturday arvo. (For any non-Australians Reading this arvo=afternoon)

So, on Sunday morning I sat and wrote a seven page synopsis of the story, dictated it into my computer and pasted it into my story file. When I sat down to write this arvo it was with a very different energy. I am now able to work plot point by plot point and flesh out the story. I even know how it’s going to end.

So much easier than pantsing!! So much less stressful!

It helps that I am writing a story inspired by a book I love. I am writing my version of my favourite book as a child; Tom’s Midnight Garden. Although my story is certainly more adult than the gorgeous original written in the 50s.

My story begins with Ella, a cheeky Londoner who, after a brush with the law, is holed up in an old house owned by her publisher. She meets the intriguing residents who teach her a thing or two about writing and even more about life.

My Maguffin – Tiffany glass peacocks

I bought a new book yesterday based 100% on the cover! I’m still ploughing through The Death of Noah Glass but started reading my new read. It opens with the protagonist drowning spiders in her shower. Mmmm, I’ll keep reading but it better get better.


  1. TammyB

    Congratulations on your word count so far! I am striving for 2000 words a day and so far so good! Good luck! I am tbreit on the nano site if you want to be buddies.

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