Fed up?

Sages and traditional medicine practitioners have always known that everything in our life has an impact on our health and wellbeing. The late, great Louise Hay introduced the Western world to mind-body connection in You Can Heal Your Life. I remember reading this when I’d been trying to outsmart the early stages of cervical cancer years ago. It blew my mind and it’s always been the first source of knowledge I consult when I’m struggling with some health issues.

Case in point; Lately I’ve been having digestive issues and I realised today that I say ‘I’m fed up’ like, ALL THE TIME. So along with giving up coffee for the thousandth time I’ve got to stop saying ‘I’m fed up.’ I am tired of the hustle at the moment to be honest. Trying to keep all the plates spinning, so to speak, and it’s my writing that always suffers. But, yeah, I am a little fed up with trying to find time to do everything.

The coffee boycott had a bumpy start. I wasn’t going to write about this but hey, it’s been on my mind nonstop since it happened. I was at a department store on Wednesday buying some coffee scrub. I’d been to the beautician and she told me I needed an exfoliating scrub and the coffee one smelled divine. Torturing myself is a hobby. So I got chatting to the sales person and she was interested in my purchase. ‘Ironic,’ said I, ‘I’ve given up coffee again this week.’ The woman behind me piped up and said ‘oh no, don’t do that, it’s so great. I’m a two double espressos a day girl myself.’ I turned to smile at her and well, let me just say, looking at her did not make me want to emulate her lifestyle. I won’t go into it but she didn’t look well. She can keep her double espressos.

As for me, 5 days without coffee and I feel great. The first three days were awful but I got through it. Remind me never to drink it again!

I’m off to sunny Cairns for a family wedding. Have a great weekend all.

Cairns has changed a bit since I lived here