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Hubby and I watched the movie World War Z for the 50th time last night. Love me a zombie movie. My all-time fave is Zombieland, then 28 Days, then Dead Snow…it’s interesting how often Nazis and zombies are grouped together.

Back to WWZ, like all zombie movies we tend to shout “shut the door” at the screen far too often for my liking but it’s a very entertaining movie. Why? Why don’t they shut the doors? And why don’t they park a little closer to the entrance? In horror movies, and zombie movies are a sub-genre, they seem to park the car a good 50feet from the door and have to run the gauntlet to get back to the car. Nuts. If I was trying to avoid zombies I’d park right up against the door, but then I’d be in a very boring zombie movie.

The script is great to listen to. It has a resonance. And the soundtrack is Muse so there’s that element, too. There’s a scene where a virologist is talking about Mother Nature being a serial killer, and it’s such a great speech. Too bad he doesn’t last much longer after that…

My one complaint about WWZ is that the two main characters are named Thierry and Gerry. I mean, really?

A lot of writers talk about the weirdness of naming characters. Most people get to name one or two beings in their lives, if they have kids or fur-babies, but naming characters can be difficult. Some waltz into your story fully formed, named and ready to roll and couldn’t be named anything but that. My son was like that; he came out already named Calvin and couldn’t have been anyone else.

Some characters in Hotel Deja Vu were a little troublesome. I had Annie, Alex, Agnes and Antoinette! Annie became Karen even though she really wanted to be annie, and the other’s remained except I made the connection a plot device. Two characters, Rachel and Karen, discuss their lost loved ones, after Karen sees Rachel’s tattoo of the letter A on her wrist.

I think some family members were a little weirded out that I called my MC Rachel. This was my birth name, but she was one of the characters who didn’t want to be called anything else. Oh, other than Claire but, then no; Outlander. Rachel it is!

And that reminds me, I never do mention Rachel’s tattoo again…must look at that.

Feature Photo by Chris Hall on Unsplash


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