keeping a promise

Goals and Process are two sides of the same coin. You can’t (achieve) goals without process and process without goals is just busy work and that’s one of the reasons we resist process so much is that is not connected to goals that we care about.

Tara McMullin ~ on The Creative Penn podcast

Each morning on my walk, I look forward to seeing a little blackboard that hangs in front of a house on my route. The street it’s on is a lane that runs parallel with the beach. On one side, beachfront houses crowd out the view and hog the beach access and on the other side, the owners probably pray that they won’t lose their view altogether when someone knocks down a house and puts up a nine story luxury apartment building. The council should build a beach path but until they do little kids on bikes, mother’s with prams, our elders, or anyone unable to walk down to the sand must share the road with cyclists, speeding cars and opportunistically parked tradies. *steps down from soap box

a pearler from a few weeks ago.

The house with the little blackboard is one of the old, original fibro houses on the western side (not the beach side). It’s a bit ramshackle and seems to be comprised of a couple of flats but they have a little bench with a couple of bar stools out front and above this is the blackboard. It wasn’t there this morning. I hope it was just taken down for a little TLC and not pinched by some local yobbo.

I’m a sucker for inspirational quotes and have heard a LOT of them but last week it really caught my imagination. It read: Self worth is honouring the promises you make to yourself. That’s a slow-burner, isn’t it?

Setting and achieving goals as a measure of self-worth can become a slippery slope if we start to focus on the achievement and not the process. I need to think about this one a bit longer.