It finally happened to me…

It’s the thing so many writers talk about. The moment when you wake in the early hours with a brilliant line; the words lined up perfectly to make the best sentence I’ve ever thought of. Now normally I would write this down, grab my phone and put it in notes, but I’m staying at my mum-in-laws place and didn’t know where my phone was. I’ll remember it, I said to myself.

I didn’t remember.

The best line I’ve ever thought of is gone but oh well, I’ll go write some rubbish ones anyway.

Reminds me of the song Tribute by Tenacious D. Being away from home makes writing challenging but I wrote some ordinary words for my memoir. Not brilliant but on the paper.

I’m in Cairns, in Far North Queensland enjoying my third family wedding in less than a year. Third niece to marry this year. It’s lovely.