just sitting all day…

I know it’s hard. If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

I get it, why people want to go and pay thousands of dollars to have their books printed. It’s because it’s technical, boring and confusing and the whole time there’s a voice in your head telling you how dumb you are.

Just me?

Oh, My, God…all day. I just spent all day formatting my novel for printing and right now I don’t feel as bad about the time spent as I would after doing almost anything else all day. It’s done though, which is amazing. I bought my ISBNs and a barcode, the cover is being altered as we speak. The designer is also making a logo for my publication business. It’s…all… happening!

I want this done! I just want it out there and finished so I can get on with the next thing. I am really proud of the finished product, although I know when I look back in a years time I will hate it and be so glad I kept learning.

inspire the shit out of me…found this on Pinterest. It’s amazing how pink Pinterest is…

I’m sure there’s an easier way to format than what I’ve just spent the day doing. Yes, I realise that paying someone else to do it is the better way to go, but oh, it’s a vicious circle. I really want to sell books and make some money from it so I really should be approaching it like a business and get the experts in, but let’s face it, early on we just muck in, don’t we?

So tomorrow is September. It’s spring down here at the bottom of the planet. I know I watch far too many tv shows but as each summer approaches I am torn between ‘yay, beach weather’ and ‘boo, climate change.’ It’s hard-core, the weather here. It gets really bloody hot and I don’t think we can afford to muck around with climate change, but then I continue on with my life.

In typical Protestant fashion, I am going to give up something I love for a month. It’s like calendar-challenged Lent. The thing I am giving up in September is coffee.


I know…

this podcast has been very helpful