the cracks are showing…

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, they say

only for those with short memories, say I.

Running away, distance is a dance of disdain,

often daunting, sometimes draining, sometimes...

no! always violent to the soul.

It’s the soul wound, he said.

The pain that comes from knowing that it’s…just…not…right. It says so in your Book.

Have you forgotten?

Now, what you’ve done is undoable.

I mean, it’s done…unbelievable and damaging, but done,


No portal can take you through and back to younger you,

the one that cared more…

or less, for the opinions of others.

You always did the right thing, didn’t you?

Or did I see you through the Rose coloured glasses?

The cracks are showing, the lines around your eyes tell a different story to the ones coming from your mouth.

You dispense the words then you move on and leave everyone to pick up the pieces. Like nothing has happened? The least you can do is what you’ve done.

I hope you’re happy.

No, I really do, because then it will all be worth it.

Inspired by an awful situation that really shouldn’t have happened. I knew I had to explain this because I don’t want anyone to think I’m not okay. I am, but I know people who aren’t.

It skims my life, barely, but to see those I love in pain, is unbearable. How do we attain peace when there’s nothing at all we can do? The Buddha said that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional…okay…yeah…

My experiences of loss and grief have been total; total loss. When someone is gone from this life there’s no recourse, you just have to put your big-girl/boy pants on and keep moving. When something is FUBAR and people are causing havoc and you are powerless, what can be done? Prayer? I’ve been using gratitude, avoiding complaining and gossip etc and have found huge positive shifts in my life so perhaps I’ll mention it when advice may be more welcome but it’s one thing to make changes with your business this way and quite another to try to heal a ruptured family.

I was thinking of deleting this whole post but I’ll put it out there and perhaps anyone reading it who is going through tough stuff will read it and feel less alone. Hurt people hurt people and it’s heartbreaking to see it happening all over the place. Do you know one person who isn’t going through something right now? I seriously wonder how some people manage to get through a day.

I’m sorry this isn’t a sweetness and light post. I’ve had a lovely Father’s Day with my hubby and dad and I hope everyone had a great Sunday no matter what they were doing.

Light and love,


Feature from Cheryl Winn-Boujni.