5am club.

Autumn is probably not the right time of year to attempt to join the 5 am club. So far this month I’ve been a resolute member of the at-least-6-am-club and on some wonderful mornings in Bali, and last Sunday, I managed to join the 9 am club. What the hell am I rambling about I hear you ask, somewhat exasperated. Sleeping in is what I am talking about when I am trying to do the reverse – get up earlier!

Twice a week I am up at 5.15 to get to yoga by 6. It’s totally doable. Admittedly the entire time I’m getting ready to go my brain is screaming at me to crawl back into bed. Maybe I should aim for every second day. Not sure how disciplined I am going to be in June and July when it’s cold and dark but it’s worth it as long as I use the extra hours for good (not evil) and I make sure I go to bed a little earlier to make up for it.

if at first you don’t succeed…

I need to read the book we bought in Bali earlier this month, The 5 am Club. (Robin Sharma’s the dude who wrote The Monk who sold his Ferrari.) It holds all the answers I am sure, but right now it’s still in its plastic wrap. (All books in Bali seem to be wrapped in plastic.)

Robin Sharma’s 5am Club. As yet unwrapped…on the TBR pile

I am careful not to get intense about sleep. Been there, done that!! In my early 20s I was a mess for a few reasons and I ended up doing hypnosis because my doctor said it would help with the insomnia. (A lot of people say ‘hypnosis won’t work for me’ usually without actually trying it. Hypnosis is a participatory therapy in a lot of ways. You have to want to get better. It worked for me and thank heavens, because I was subsisting on about 3 hours sleep each night, in some cases, much less.) I am very fortunate now to be a good sleeper but I could get a lot more writing time in if I got up earlier. Early to bed and all that. This is all about writing time and the first step is in place. I’ve cancelled my Foxtel subscription!

Feature Image Photo by Lautaro Iglesias on Unsplash

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