Show your work

This blog is partly self-medication and partly self-promotion. Probably not a great mix. When I started the blog I had just self-published my novel Hotel Deja vu on Amazon. It wasn’t ready but it was out there for anyone to see. I was trying to work out this whole indie-writing thing so the next step was a website and Tim Ferris told me to blog daily, so I did, as in he said it on his podcast, not to me, personally, over coffee…although I wish.

I’ve been comfortable with showing my work because the years of making artwork for interior designers has crushed out of me the belief that art is anything but personal taste. One man’s masterpiece is the next woman’s pile of crap. (Although read about the Id list and you’ll see that there are obviously concepts, tropes and styles that appeal because archetypes are a thing.)

Putting your work out there for anyone and everyone to see can be harrowing, especially if you encounter a nasty person, especially if that person is family or a “friend”, but if you want to grow as a creative – if you harbour any dreams of making a living/life as an artist – You have to do it – you must show your work.

Put it out there – who knows, people might love it.

I’d love to see your work – please send me your links either as a DM if that’s possible here, or on Instagram @writerpainter or comment below and I’ll look you up.

Feature Image – My painting – The Verandah, 2005