I’m not normal

But what’s normal? I thought once that I knew someone normal but she turned out to be abnormal like the rest of us.

Ways I’m not normal. I’m the only woman sitting on the Man Chair at the mall. My hubby doesn’t get much down time so he doesn’t mind a spot of shopping when we’re on vacay.

Me, Sitting on the Man Chair

A grown-ass woman who loves superhero movies. We saw Endgame last night. Am I the only one who kinda agreed with Thanos? As someone who has lost a pregnancy and a husband I know that life goes on. It’s horrible and you don’t want to but am I the only person who was disgusted to think that 5 years on people were still struggling to get on with their lives? Perhaps in fiction where there’s always a way to undo what’s been done you can afford to refuse to get on with things but in life you have to suck it up and make the best of it.

And deal with the flak we cop for it.

This idea of going back and ‘fixing’ what went wrong is the theme of my novel Hotel déjà vu. Would it work? Is it fated, what happens in our lives? Would I, if I could, go back and do it all again? Would I change anything?

Would you?

a few more Bali pics below.

Sean Connery, the yoga dachshund
Our parking spot – we always take photos of where we park because we’re old
Sunset from our rooftop