Upgrade your life

Do you ask for upgrades when you travel? I never do but occasionally I receive one which is lovely. We were given a great room that opens right into the pool, which kind of makes up for the lack of a view #firstworldstruggles

I’ve never been upgraded on a flight but the upgraded hotel room is probably more common? How great would it be to be upgraded on a flight. Sigh.

The local ferry to Gili Trewangan tickets are $1.50 no upgrades

How great would it be if there was no poverty!? Lombok has suffered so much since last years earthquakes and there are so many people struggling just to make ends meet. We were a little nervous about more quakes but I’d go back in a heartbeat. I’d been told that Lombok is unsafe, but I’m grateful that we never felt scared. We rode the local ferry, went to the towns and ate at the restaurants etc. but the tourists need to come back in droves so the islanders can get back in their feet.

Check out the remarkable world record holders for the Mixed Doubles Manspread and the far trickier Ladyspread

On Gili Trawangan, an island off the North West tip of Lombok, we spoke to a man called Dol who begged us to take him to work for us in Australia. He was very keen for an upgrade. We gave him what money we could, but I explained that we had very strict rules about that kind of thing in Australia (only politicians can bend the rules for in-home help apparently.) I told Dol if he comes to Australia without a visa they will put him on an island far worse than Gili T and lock him up, although they do get three meals a day.

Surely there are worse places you could live?

We have to remind ourselves to be grateful every day. We just spent some time with some people who could whine for Australia and come home with gold, although they’d probably find a reason to complain about that too. Being around people who complain is a drain and makes me feel sooooo bad for all the time I wasted complaining 😬 nothing good comes from moaning! My life is so much better now because I notice the positive and not the negative. Sometimes it’s something I have to work on and really search for, but it gets easier and even becomes a habit after a while. It can even lead to upgrades in all kinds of areas of life.