The meaning of life?

I’ve just been thinking more on what I wrote a few days ago i.e. would you go back and change anything if you could (if you had Pym particles for those Marvel fans out there…) Its possible I think about this far too often.

Life, I believe, has no intrinsic meaning. I know a lot of people disagree with this, offering up rewards in the afterlife as the meaning we’re all here. To me that like saying we get hungry because there’s a restaurant down the street. Cart. Horse. Does that make sense? Nothing we do has any meaning except what we give it.

If I look back at something shitty that happened years ago and wish it hadn’t happened not only am I wasting time now but I’m ignoring to what I’ve become after dealing with it, how I’ve grown. But only if that’s what I’m looking for, where I find meaning.

My friend Tracey posts the most thought provoking /hilarious stuff on Instagram You never know which you’re going to get n

We seem to have to go through shitting things in life. Sadly, we seem to become who we are as a result of the tedium and trauma of life. Something needs to crack us open or we seem to careen through life without so much as a backward glance, let alone one towards our navels (or our chakras!)

Dr Joe Dispenza is adamant that we can learn and grown from joy and enthusiasm just as well as we do from pain and suffering. But how? Unless we are being raised in an environment conducive to that type of learning we seem to neglect growth until we exhaust all other options.

Today, on Mother’s Day here in Australia let’s work towards raising a generation (including ourselves) of people who want to grow through joy and know how to rise out of pain with new understanding.


  1. Abbie's Tree House

    I’ve become okay with Not Knowing. I think if there is a higher purpose, then we can’t help but fulfill it, even if we aren’t aware of our own contributions.

    So I just sort of bumble along.

    1. Christine Betts

      I’m bumbling right there with you. I try to give my son guidance but very differently to the way my parents ‘guided’ me. I never profess to ‘know’ anything. He and I have very deep conversations about life the universe and everything and usually come up with very different answers. it’s a process <3

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