all you can do…

Why are we here? Is life a lesson? A party? I don’t know. All I do know at this point is that our control ends at our own fingertips, or the end of our own nose.

We can’t control anyone else but our response to whatever is going on around us sends out ripples and being mindful of our reactions can help heal ourselves and others. I’ve been so much better at dealing with day to day life since I began my daily meditation practice.

The good news is that you don’t even need to practice daily for meditation to be helpful. You can do Meditation as Medication, using a guided recording where needed, either with a narrative to follow, a breathing technique or a mantra. There’s nothing wrong with busting out some meditation when and if you feel like it, but the beauty of a daily practice is that eventually the state of peacefulness and mindfulness achieved after the ‘dose’ of meditation, can transform into a trait of calm that permeates our whole life. That’s the goal anyway.

I discovered Davidji’s meditations when I was a real mess. I had been experimenting with different meditations for a few months at that point but found Davidji just at the right time. I was trying to extricate myself from the Nightmare Job and after a particularly messy day at the office, dealing with a psychopath work colleague, I went home, threw myself on the meditation cushion and stuck in my headphones. Without any sarcasm at all, it changed my life. I was so angry at what had happened, crying all the way home from work and being pissed at myself for being 46 years old and still going through that crap at work, but after doing the meditation, I was calm and was truly able to let it go. My fave is Awakening Love. I found it on Spotify but below is a recording of his on Youtube. I highly recommend it.


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