I am 100% not cool. I see all these young people on social media and they are so savvy and cool and their brand is on trend…gah. I’ve been busy over the last couple of weeks deleting old art work and generally cleaning up my online presence. It’s so tedious but par for the course if I want to attract the right representation for my work. Then I go and post a blog like this, outing myself and all the handicrafts I’ve made over the years that are probably in land-fill all over the world.

I even had a business card years ago using the Curlz font! OMG, I can’t comprehend that! To be fair, it was a crafty business, with hand-made gift-ware and artwork that I started in the 90s.

oh curlz, how I loved you!

Curlz font…what a hoot…

my creations gracing the front entrance of Jupiters Casino at Broadbeach. This was a very lucrative contract for us! This exact spot is now the entrance for the Garden Bar and is also the location of an installment of my photography courtesy of the Dream Job, and artwork I designed or produced is in just about every room in the building. Funny how life comes full circle!
mortified that I used real starfish in my work. 🙁
Oh I guess they weren’t too bad afterall…oooh that’s right…we had a fax back then! And they aren’t even Curlz!
1995 – Outside my shop – The Oxford Street Gallery – one of the cd stands that I used to paint. People loved the beach theme…I worked out that over the years I painted something in the vacinity of 50,000 individual pieces in this business alone…