Synchronicity or just a thing that happened?

This is going to be super cryptic because while I want to get something off my chest, I also want to keep it to myself. Yes, I’m an enigma…

So…I was listening to a podcast (I really need to get that printed on a t-shirt) yesterday while I trimmed the hedges (not a euphemism). As always, the show had been queued for since it was released in January and it finally surfaced yesterday. It touched on a subject very close to my heart but not one that I talk about often, or ever for that matter. I try not to even think about it. Today I received a message ABOUT THIS TOPIC from someone closely related to this particular, enigmatic topic that I do/don’t want to talk about. They have literally not mentioned the topic in, like, ever. Synchronicity? I don’t know. Just an (annoying) thing that happened?

I still don’t want to talk about it; why peel off that particular scab if there’s nothing I can do about it? Sleeping dogs must lie.

of course there’s already a t-shirt