On my desk today…

Have a little patience.

I’m editing my first manuscript…again (Hotel Deja vu) and when I feel like it’s taken all it can, I am going to send it out into the world. Again. I’ve never had a problem with discipline but patience is not my strong suit.

and without patience the poorly written manuscript will be sent out…

I’m slowly working through the manuscript and trying not to back track each day. I’ve heard of writers getting stuck on the first chapter (of the first page!) so I don’t want to do that. I don’t know if anyone could ever accuse me of being a perfectionist! I’m a definitely a good-enough-ist which can be detrimental when it comes to sending out an unrealised story.

Who is the bad guy here?

The glaring problem with my book is there isn’t a defined villain, as in an actual person who needs to be overcome. Time is the thief, the murderer and the cruel torturer in this story and I don’t know if I’ve explained that very well. On top of that, the House With the Blue Door is a main character… so I need to make this more obvious and yet somehow more subtle at the same time.

The House with the Blue Door


In the last two days I’ve deleted my Twitter, My Redbubble (omg old artworks from 10 years ago…) most of the designs on my Zazzle account, my fledgeling Patreon, many of my stories on Medium. Now I am working on only using all my own content here on my blog and on the @ParisTimeTravel page on Facebook. I’ve been using quotes and stuff from the web, so I am working on deleting those and only creating my own in future. It feels bloody good, let me tell you! I limit my time on Facebook and Instagram to less than 15 minutes a day. I can’t tell you how good it feels to delete that old stuff. It’s just like emptying the closet or cleaning out the fridge! I know why Marie Kondo has so many fans!

and that goes for old online content too!