almost there…

First world struggle no.1

Nanowrimo has been a slog for me. Who knows how those peeps write their 50k in five days or so. I have been writing upwards of 1500 words a day this whole month and it’s really hard. I would love to lock those people in a room and observe them and see if they really do write 50k in the month. I am going to learn to plan because flying by the seat of your pants is a bit stressful. I mean first world struggle… I am about 1300 words short. I feel like I just can’t be bothered but even as I write this, I know I will push through the resistance. I’ve been blogging all month too so I have more than covered the word count but it’s not technically right to include that. I’m writing this on my phone because my computer is having a fit. But I’m persevering. In the few minutes it’s taken me to write this, I’ve realised how desperate I am to finish my 50k! As soon as I convince this computer to start.

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!! I did it!!!! I put my trusty writing playlist on and smashed it out. And now I want to put it away and not look at it until, i don’t know, May… 

First world struggle no.2

Is anyone else struggling with the new editing program on WordPress? Gah. I used to be able to swap between my phone and my pc but now it doesn’t want to let me.

First world struggle no.3

My phone just refuses to sync with my car. It’s a pissa. End of story.

First world struggle no.4

I can’t believe I went to LA this year and missed this store!! arrgghhhhh The Last Bookstore is possibly my spiritual home. Yet another reason to return to LA!

Now for something positive!

I am loving this podcast! It’s called Don’t Keep Your Dayjob and I discovered it listening to EatFeelFresh with Sahara Rose (. This episode is a little slow getting going but Cathy Heller has some INCREDIBLE tips for making money from your creativity.