On the road

Let me begin by saying thank CHRIST Nanowrimo is over!!!!

I’m hanging about in Sydney, New South Wales, this weekend for my niece’s wedding.

It’s really warm! First day of summer right on cue.

I’ve had an eventful morning starting with my flight being cancelled. Gah. Had to pay excess luggage because they weigh your handbag now. Who knew. Fuckers. If my 2kg handbag made a difference then you should have to put your weight in when you buy a ticket!

Then my hire car was a bomb so I asked for a better car. And got one.

It’s been all smooth sailing since. Found my hotel. Thanks google maps!

Wandering around I ran into the lovely Prudence a passionate photographer and arts advocate. She invited me to go to a poetry reading and art show.

We chatted about how gorgeous the art is and about art in general. We got into the subject of marketing for artists. One of my favourite topics!! I shared some podcasts, as I do! This is a subject I need to explore further.

I did a quick google search and there are a lot of resources out there already but still such a need! One to discuss with my clever friends.

I’m off to the wedding. 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👯‍♀️👰 👰


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