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Any sort of success is talent plus energy. You develop your talent, and then you have the energy to get it out there. If you have talent but no energy, you’ll have all this stuff but no one will see it. And if you have the energy but no talent, you’re not going to produce much of value. It’s always talent and energy and anything else is fortune ~ Derren Brown (interview with Sam Harris)

I heard this name for the first time today on Sam Harris’ podcast then opened an email from Robert McKee to see this quote…

I have almost finished my 50,000 words for Nanowrimo! Yay for me.

I am happy with the story as it stands but oh boy, it has a long way to go before it’s even readable for anyone that isn’t me.

Nanowrimo has launched some careers. My Indie authoring girl-crush Joanna Penn credits Nano with giving her writing a huge push along, and I can attest that when I did 40K in April for Camp Nanowrimo, there was something magical about achieving that. I mean, nobody gave a shit and that first draft is still sitting in a file waiting for some love but it’s going to happen. January is Mimi month, where we all get to find out how exactly she gets away with murder…

I worked out a couple of weeks ago that if I write 1500 words a day I will hit the 1M word mark by 31 December, 2019 give or take a few words. The 46,000 I have written this month so far may not be the start of a best-seller or even a book I will ever publish, but it helps me develop my talent. On top of that, there is something about the feeling of finishing something like Nano that gives you a burst of much needed energy!

(yes I really should be finishing transposing my handwritten notebooks to see what my final count is…but I’m blogging)

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