Nobody cares so just Write it out.

Are you addicted to your story of how stuff is? Don’t worry, we all are. I used to just love a good whinge. A good moan got me through most days when I worked in my dream/shitty job.

The fact that the constant complaining and playing the victim was the fucking millstone around my neck was lost on me at the time unfortunately.

Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment so here I am, wiser from the experience )and still judging myself for it a little. Gah imagine if I’d started doing this 5 years ago!)

The big breakthrough came when I found myself in another shitty job that didn’t even have any dream qualities and I had a breakdown. My brain snapped. I just couldn’t go one more day in the quagmire that was my brain so as I have written about here ad nauseum I started writing a daily journal.

Don’t you roll your eyes at me!!

Just do it. Do it for a month, three pages, long hand each morning. I promise you will be way less fucked up at the end of that month.

Quit complaining to your colleagues, friends and family and write it down. Burn it if you have to but get it out of your system.

You get the added bonus of the little buzz you get when you don’t whine when you normally would. Is that dopamine? Serotonin? Superiority? I don’t know what chemistry is going on there but I do know it’s real.

true story.

I got involved in a bit of #followloop fun on Instagram recently and met a whole bunch of wonderful interesting writers.

There was one though, who constantly banged on in comments and even posted about people who “follow to unfollow”.

It got boring. So I unfollowed.


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