Things that are gone

Things that are gone from my life forever that I miss without wanting them back.

Having a baby.

The ability to have another baby.

The first flush of new love.

Doing the school run.

Having colleagues.

My dog at my feet as I walk on the beach.

Things that are gone from my life forever that I definitely miss.

My toddler’s arms around my neck.

Smooth, firm skin on my thighs.

High heels.

20-20 vision.

Things that are gone from my life that I am hoping will return one day.

Listening to live music, a bit drunk, a certain amount of wild abandon.

Things I never had.

The ability to be the girl with flowers in her hair that dances to folk music.

Things I don’t miss.

Eating animals.

Mind swirl.


  1. melcat76

    I love that you have honoured things that are gone but acknowledged that this doesn’t necessarily equate to wanting them back (however futile that may have been in any case). How liberating that concept is.

  2. lilianaslopez17

    What a great post, I should do this and let go of all the things I don’t want and work on the things I do want. I also miss my 20/20 vision, although I have been thinking of the getting the lasik eye surgery.


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