Don’t read shit

The amazing magazine Renegade Collective was forced to pull their print publication earlier this year due to lack of support. Lisa Messenger is an inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere and a constant crusader for Australian start-ups, small businesses, and artists. She explains in the final issue that she tried everything to secure advertising funding in line with the magazine’s ethos, only to have to face the truth; she had no options left, she had to close the print mag and no doubt lay-off lots of people.

Messenger says she attempted to interest corporations in committing to a bulk-buy of 100, 500, 1000 copies of the upbeat, inspiring magazine to no avail.

But there, in front of the checkout at the supermarket is rack after rack of trashy mags filled with nasty stories about people we don’t know and will likely never meet. The fact that most of the stories are completely false is beside the point for most people. This feeds the desire for GOSSIP that fits snugly in the archetypal theme of REPUTATION according to Dr.Jennifer Barnes’ Id List that I wrote about a few weeks back.

Please, don’t buy tabloid magazines. Don’t buy those garbage magazines at the checkout. Don’t buy Cleo or Cosmo or whatever is out there these days that fuel the fire of celebrity worship or denigration. We need to keep a hard reign on the beast that drives us towards destruction and feed the one that nourishes us.

But then I am a bit of a snob. Anne Patchett describes 50 Shades as a gateway drug to reading, so maybe reading shit is better than not reading at all. Who knows where it will lead. New Idea one day, Margaret Attwood the next! Maybe not the next…

I was listening to Mitch Horowitz this morning. That guy is so smart!

Each time I hear him speak he reiterates that removing gossip and shit-talking from your life is a major key for self-development. He told a story about learning in Hebrew school what Judaism says about gossip, that destroying someone’s reputation is secondary only to murder.

I am not a huge fan of organised religion but this is scary, even for those of us not afraid of their threats of eternal damnation. It’s scary because we realise in shit talking about someone we’re killing them in our minds. It’s awful. I’ve been guilty of this for most of my life. Obviously, I learned it somewhere. I don’t think I came into the world bitching about people.

And I can testify that aiming to reduce gossip and complaining from your life, things just get better.



  1. Kalliope

    Omg I never even emailed him!
    And I love trashy gossip. But I go online for that stuff where it’s free! Lol I do sometimes buy puzzle magazines. Ehh

    1. Christine Betts

      I’m judging the shit out of you right now. Ps email MH. The interview was with Duncan Trussel. So good. Although the weird chewable viagra adverts are a little off putting.

  2. Kalliope

    Ooohhh!!!! And I love killing things figuratively. Because it’s kill or be killed. And when we kill things it can be therapeutic, facing and overcoming ones fears and demons. So I take great joy in stabbing smugness and twisting the blade. Or crawling inside someone and exploding them from the inside to out. Lol. Because it’s all made up in the head and need not be anyone else’s problem. I’m not blood thirsty. I never start fights. But I will sure as heck finish them.

      1. Christine Betts

        Yeah I did. I doing that thing where I’m becoming more like my ascendant. Aquarius. My sun is in Taurus. I was such a cow.
        I approach everything with love and light now. Nothing offends me personally. I think it’s all the meditation and shit.

      2. Kalliope

        Cows are steady and strong and giving. Just gotta know how to treat them. So I take it you had Taurus in the 4th? Ooh sun at home where the moon should be. I can see the forceful wilfullness I think.. What about the rest of your chart?

      3. Kalliope

        What’s that?
        If you let me know your birth details I can just do one for you. I can look it up and interpret it. I like doing that stuff for fun

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