Resistance is futile

When I read Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art I’ll admit I didn’t really understand what he meant by resistance. I had a mental picture of what he was referring to but I’d never really felt it. At least I didn’t think I had because it’s a multi-headed beast, a shapeshifter.

Like when I sat down to start setting up my paperback on Ingram Spark and Amazon and found myself on Pinterest a few minutes later.

I’d felt some forms of resistance when I was a making art for designers but I’d just plough through that shit and keep going. Or I’d internalise it and push it way down to the point that I needed therapy after leaving that job.

But today I experienced it viscerally. I felt sluggish, as though I was wading through treacle.

Dr Michael Lennox says this is because Venus is static before going retrograde. I’m not sure about that but I do know that resistance = fear and the best cure for fear is ACTION.

So I’m ploughing on.


Coming soon…


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