Today’s resistance is brought to you by…

Lack of sleep…✅

Slight hangover…✅

Messy kitchen…✅

Venus Retrograde? ♉️ Who knows.

Today, I was so far from motivated it wasn’t funny. But I did something that I didn’t really know how to do a few years back; I gave myself permission to have a day off. I haven’t been sleeping terribly well this week and I had a packed day of crazy yesterday culminating in a housewarming at a friend’s house. I crawled into bed at 1am and opened my eyes again at 5.40am. gah…

I love my goals but today I went at them from a different angle. I worked on my paperback. I managed to tie up a minor Checkov’s Gun in my manuscript. ✅ It also ties back to my beautiful new cover.

So I went to the beach✅spent time with my hubby,✅had a nap with the cats✅, then went for a walk around the gorgeous Greenmount Point near my home.✅ (pics below.)

Frustrating as the last three days have been, I am committed to my goals. Tomorrow is a new day, and the first day of the rest of my life. Again.

It’s not the end of the world to have a day off.



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