Today, I have been a busy little writer. After 5 fairly stressy hours in the office, I took a bracing walk along the very windy sea-front. Then I came home, did some chores and sat down to work…then my hubby called and said he would be home in a few minutes! Normally I drop everything and spend time with him but today I had put everything before my writing and I needed to prioritise it. He didn’t mind and we had a lovely quiet afternoon. He was watching something on his phone with headphones so all I heard from him was a few chuckles every few minutes.

He’s not a laugh out loud kinda guy. He laughs on the inside.

So the plan this afternoon was to get my gorgeous new cover uploaded to Amazon for the ebook of Hotel Deja Vu. Then click the button that says ‘set up paperback’. Done and done. eep!!author page books.PNG

That was not the mortifying part. My current manuscript for Hotel Deja vu still has so many errors and horror of horrors, the chapter numbers were wrong!


Will it ever end? Bring on Nanowrimo so I can start obsessing over something else!

Of course, the damn voice in my head was harping on…

This, This right here, Christine, this mess of a book you’ve put out, it’s worse than never having written. You know that, deep in your heart, that what is wrong with the world right now is all the poorly edited rubbish on Amazon...”

So, yeah, a tad dramatic. I’m putting the self-doubt into self-publishing.

I do waiver between the opinion that yeah, we just have to get our stuff out there and no, just no…jesus, woman, what were you thinking?



  1. Janet Mary Cobb

    I totally relate. I have two self-published books and I know I published them both too early – still need revisions and edits. But I published them when I did for very personal psyche reasons. I’m tempted to take them down — but so far have left them out there…

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