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As you know, I listen to a lot of podcasts. I truly believe that if you have 30 minutes of commute or housework, or some other time-sucking chore, pop in your headphones and listen to something uplifting, creative and informative. I have also mentioned in a previous post that I am getting to the point now where I’ve listened to so many that some of the ‘experts’ are starting to contradict one another. That’s not a bad thing, because everyone has the right to an opinion, right? But how do we know who to follow?

I wrote on the idea that a clue to our life-purpose can be found in what we envy in others and even though I had some real insights while meditating and journaling on that, I felt uneasy about its message. I am not afraid of dealing with my ‘negative emotions’, what I called feeding the bad wolf, but I truly don’t believe we have to suffer to grow. As Dr Joe Dispenza says, we can learn from Joy as easily as we learn from pain if that’s what we choose.

I dream of creating a world where we share and care for each other, and I really appreciated the comment from a reader who said this in response to my post on envy;

We get what we appreciate not what we envy. Envy creates a sense of lack.

I totally agree! I got a little side-tracked away from appreciation and joy because I was looking backwards. I wondered briefly, mistakenly, if taking a look at what could be missing from my life and if that could inform what I wanted in life. I was quickly reminded that we should only look back to see how far we’ve come.


If you have 10 minutes Matthew McConaughey has a couple of #truthbombs for us in this video…

Quote of the Day…a reminder for all of us!