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Despite possessing a bachelor’s degree that says otherwise, I am not a teacher. I don’t aspire to do anything with this blog other than share what I learn on the way, and I really invite anyone reading my blog to share and share alike, because that’s how we learn. As Ram Dass said, “when you know how to listen, everyone is your teacher“.

So here are a few things I am doing at the moment that I am finding very helpful.

Journaling – yes I know I do go on about journaling but it’s the bomb. I miss it if I skip a day due to time constraints. This week I’ve been working in our business a bit, and I’ve been prioritising my morning meditation over the journaling for a bit of a change-up and I find myself craving the feel of pen on paper.

Reading – at present I am reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I saw it in the window of the bookshop in the Big B arcade in Burleigh Heads. It’s such a great shop, with so many treasures including a LOT of self-development titles (both new and pre-loved) and card-decks. I had heard about Gaiman’s book and I’ve never read any of his books so I thought this was as good an intro to him as any. I LOVE stories with a supernatural element and this has got it all. I have so many books that I am half-way through. Does anyone else do that?

Podcast – Holy crap, I spent most of last weekend catching up on The Teacher’s Pet podcast from the Australian. I am not usually interested in True Crime genre podcasts or books, but this is riveting. I am hoping it will lead to justice for Lyn Dawson, her girls and her family.

Meditation – I’ve been experiencing some pain and lower back tightness and since my wonderful chiro Darren told me to rest (what a novel idea! 😉 ) I’ve been doing one of Dr Joe Dispenza’s healing meditations. It’s quite cold in the mornings and it’s easy to simply roll over and pull the blankets up, so popping in the headphones and doing this guided meditation is great.

Exercise – Walking on the pavement is about as brave as I will be at present because I want to give my back as much peace as possible. I feel a little blah because I have so much going on at present and my diet isn’t exactly clean…still way too much coffee! aarrgghh


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