all we need is love

This Friday brings another full moon and a partial eclipse. Dr Lennox tells us this is a powerful time to focus on all the good in our lives and by focusing on the good, we have a good chance of bringing more of the same into our orbit.

Regardless of how you feel about astrology as a field, this full moon is simply asking us look at all the ways we can bring more love into our lives.

Now what’s not to love about that! It’s delightful! Even the most curmudgeonly (oooh, I spelled that right the first time!) person, would have to agree that getting more love in our lives is a noble and worthwhile pursuit.

We’re offered an opportunity right now to choose love over fear, no mean feat in the current circumstances! But you know what, we could have said that any time over the past ten/twenty/thousand years. The truth of the matter is that ‘Things’ don’t get better unless we do. When you change the way you look at life, life changes, to mangle a quote from the late, great Dr Wayne Dyer, but also when you change WHAT you look at everything changes.

How do we choose love over fear when there is so much to be fearful of right now?

Response vs Reaction. This was a dichotomy I learned about years ago but have only really managed to make it a trait change in the past few years. When my brother tormented me when I was a kid, my Mum used to say (and I am not saying this was the right thing for her to do but they were different times…) “If you don’t react, he’ll stop doing it.”

(Sorry, Mum. Is that the patriarchy talking? If I’d been tormenting my brother he would have punched me and I would have stopped, so yeah, I’m thinking that’s 8000 years of patriarchy talking there.)

Years of meditation, therapy and personal work have finally led me to a place where I can mostly choose my response to outside stimuli. I say mostly because I’d be talking utter crap if I said I sailed through life serenely and you would roll your eyes and never read my blog again.

But I notice this trait change in small ways. I see it in the ability to use social media without the need to comment on or correct everything I see. To just keep scrolling and let it roll off me. To be fair, I have scrubbed my feeds to the point where I see animal rescue videos, cats, and writerly stuff. But isn’t that a form of choosing love? If we are something of a melange of our daily actions, then surely choosing where our attention goes is essential.

Last week I chose to respond with love to the jerk mouthing off about having to wear a mask in the bank. I shrugged at the guy and said, ‘Yeah, it’s just what we have to do now.’ He didn’t know how to respond to my response so he just stood there and accepted the mask offered by the bank manager. Then he said, ‘Strange times, eh,’ and joined me in the queue. The he asked where I got my mask. It says, ‘I’m smiling,’ and it always elicits a positive response from others. (It’s from Typo. Someone told me the other day that Typo is only for Millennials but I beg to differ.)

Choosing to respond with love to getting cut off in traffic, ditto. To rain when we want sunshine or sunshine when we want rain. To wind (my least liked weather form) when we want calm. To hate. To bitterness. To rudeness. So often we react to outside stimulus as though we’re being prodded with a red hot poker when we could choose to take a breath and move on.

Charaiveti, Charaiveti. Keep moving.

So before Friday, make a list of all the good in your life. All the good people, the good happenings, the good events, the good dreams, the good food. Make a list of what you love and make an effort to bring more of that into your life.