Aiming high?

I’m going back through my old blog posts and doing a bit of updating and editing. This one from October 2019 seems like ancient history. The meme at the end is easily my most ‘liked, pinned, and commented-on’ pin on Pinterest. Seems a critique of criticism really hits with with a lot of people.

Christine Betts - WriterPainter

Ambition is a funny thing. I have to admit I was very ambitious as a young woman but I see now, because life can only be understood backwards, that most of my so-called ambitions were just consumerist desires masquerading as life goals.

It was the 80s! I wanted to live in New York City, even though the hairy goddess knows it would have chewed me up and spat me out. I wanted to drive a Jag, in English Racing Green. More consumerist nonsense. After a couple of big life upheavals, my pre-30 ambitions changed. I wanted my own business, a baby, and another trip to Paris. Perhaps a trip to Paris is consumerist but not the way I do it, with museum passes, public transport, and comfortable footwear.

I’ve never been terribly athletic. No, that’s not true. I’ve always had a bit of aptitude in that area but I…

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