Bali is calling. Take me back to Ubud.

Everyone says riding a scooter over there isn’t safe.

I’ll admit I’m a little scared of the street dogs. Some of them have rabies. I don’t bother them in the sheer hope they won’t bother me. And the monkeys. They are a bit of a worry.

We didn’t get any shots when we took our little boy to Egypt. We rode camels. Am I a careless mother?

It was a different world.

We were different people.

They frisked my little boy at London Heathrow.

We took our shoes off at McCarran, our boots off at Mammoth Lakes. They searched our bags because I got pissed off.

It was cold! Oh, and there was that aborted landing!

The wind shear at CNS.

Tailwinds into Sydney.

Bomb scare at CDG.

But get me on a plane. It’s been too long.

They said this was the only way it was ever going to happen, so I fronted up. I had my referral and my appointment. And just like that, I’m jabbed.

It’s a different world.


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