Where is your energy going?

Simply put, Christine, the reason there are things you want that have not yet appeared in your life, is because you’re just not used to thinking of yourself with them. Sorry, kind of wish it was more complicated.


In 2018, emails from The Universe began showing up in my inbox. I don’t remember if I signed up for an email list…perhaps a friend thought it would be something I’d like. It was. The synchronicity of some of the missives was delightful, with this little gem popping up on a day when I decided to re-watch The Secret and re-read some of the Law of Attraction books. I know some of you are rolling your eyes right now, and others have just clicked X with a shudder, but there are so many ways you can look at and use the “Law of Attraction” and not all of them require magical thinking and switching off your brain.

Simply making the choice to be positive is using the Law of Attraction.

Looking on the bright side is a highly underrated and underutilised way of having a life we love even if we make NO other changes! To be honest, it almost is MAGICAL! Think about it…we can change our day purely by changing our mind set and the way we judge things. That job might still be challenging (and crappy) but if I view it as my livelihood, how I feed my family, look for the lessons, or simply look for the hidden beauty of the landscape on my commute I get so much more value and it becomes a source of gratitude. I wish I’d learned this while I was working in the Dream Job!

We hear about gratitude and mind set all the time but are you using the simple tools they offer? Taking five minutes each morning and night to write out a gratitude list makes a world of difference to my mental state. Maybe I am a simple creature but I find it really helps. That and setting goals – writing down ambitions and dreams and reading them morning and night has been a game changer for me. Three years ago I started writing down my goals every night. These are the BIG goals, the ambitions I have for what my life looks like and I can tell you…I am so much closer now. I’m not going to list my goals here because I believe in keeping these things private but when I wrote those 5 BIG things out 3 years ago they seemed almost impossible (especially the one about being a “successful” writer…) but I kept writing them and working towards them. Yes, I am still working on them but they are within reach now. Daily action is the key. Law of Attraction and goal setting only work if we do!

The real ‘magic’ of writing out goals and a gratitude list is in the focusing of our energy. Writing to-do lists and planning our day is focusing our energy. Setting an alarm for the Pomodoro technique, which I use to write every day, is a way of focusing my energy.

Work aside, in my journal practice the other day I was prompted to ask myself if I am using my personal energy wisely? Am I transforming my energy into personal power? Am I dissipating my energy through excessive thought, reaction, anxiety, endless talking? Most definitely! Sadhguru challenges us to say the same things with half the words, a great challenge for writers especially! Don’t withdraw from the world, he says, just say what you need to say with fewer words.

I often say journaling aka morning pages, quiets the inner dialogue but if every now and then I don’t make the time to do my journaling…the head voice is baaaaaccckkkkk. The teachers as my yoga centre teach us to use a mantra to quiet and focus the mind. I think ‘deep’ as I’m breathing in and focus on that breath, then as I release it, I think ‘slow’. It’s very calming but I hadn’t made the connection to retaining energy/personal power until listening to Sadhguru talk about this.

Anyway, I am rambling…not very focussed energy here!

About a year ago I wrote about the 5am Club by Robin Sharma. I still haven’t read the book but I listened to a podcast recently with Robin and I was so inspired I read the summary of the book (that’s a start!). It must be an awesome book because just one technique has made a huge impact on my days already.

It’s the 20-20-20 rule. Just getting up earlier didn’t seem to make me more efficient but then I implemented the 20-20-20 rule and it’s been great! I don’t even have to get up at 5am to make it work for me! Whenever I wake up I Move for the first 20mins (10mins Qi Gong and 10 mins of Sun salutes), I then spend 20 minutes in Reflection – seated meditation and pranayama (yogic breath techniques) followed by 20 minutes of Growth which at the moment takes the form of watching a few lessons of Masterclass and taking notes. It’s been great because until I did this I wasn’t making time for sitting with a pen and paper and really learning from Masterclass, I was trying to listen to it as I did other things which is okay but I think if I really give it the attention it deserves it will have ten times the value.

Speaking of Masterclass, I finished the James Patterson class. Brilliant! Must watch! I will make a post on all the points I thought were fantastic. He is a great communicator and an engaging and interesting speaker. My favourite takeaway from his class? This idea of pace being the key to writing a page turner! It’s got me all fired up!

Looking for something to read?

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