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I got down in the weeds for a few days while writing the Spiral Dynamics posts and I’m in the middle of writing another all about the Shadow (In Jungian psychology, the “shadow”, (id, or shadow aspect/archetype) refers to an unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself, or the entirety of the unconscious, i.e., everything of which a person is not fully conscious. In short, the shadow is the unconscious side of our personality, all the negative aspects we can’t see and consequently can’t own.) Not sweetness and light but really necessary stuff. This is a huge year and we have many opportunities to level up so we might as well jump on them.

My writing style here on the blog is light and conversational but this stuff is kinda heavy. We’re all feeling the effects of 6+ months of this Covid bullshit so here’s something sweet and light for you. My new novel Alia Henry and the Ghost Writer is available right here on my website and on Amazon and Kobo. Using a platform called BookFunnel readers can download my ebooks directly to their device or ereader and Bookfunnel provides all the tech back up. (This isn’t an affiliate and I am certainly not sponsored by BookFunnel… although I wouldn’t say no…) Here’s what a reader said about Alia Henry and the Ghost Writer… It’s also in a great promo this month with a lot of other amazing reads.

I’d love some more great reviews like this one to guide readers to my work

My two other publications are also on promo this month with Hotel Deja Vu and Set in Paris both available FREE!

Hotel Deja Vu is a contemporary fiction set in Paris. ‘If you love Paris, read this book!’ ~Danielle Rodriguez

Edith Piaf may have had no regrets, but those who make their way to the Hotel Déjà vu seem to have a few.


As Paris burns, Antoinette finds herself back in 1933. Will her hastily scribbled memories help change the outcome of the war? 

Only time will tell.


Artist Karen is desperate to change her shattered life. She makes her way to the house with the blue door and uses her second chance to create a better life.

She discovers not everyone wants to be saved.


When Rachel brings her latest tour group to stay at the Hotel Déjà Vu, she comes face to face with her own past. While wandering the City of Lights, shopping, and drinking champagne, they all remember how to have fun again.

Some remember what they really wanted from life…

…and some decide to go back and do it all again.

Hotel Deja Vu looks a little out of place among all that gorgeous flesh!
My novel Hotel Deja Vu – They say you shouldn’t read your reviews but when a totally unexpected cracker of a review pops up you just have to celebrate!!

Enjoy! I hope everyone find something to their taste in this amazing offering of free and inexpensive indie reads. I would really appreciate your positive reviews and ratings. I also love getting feedback (so needy…) so feel free to email/message me or comment below. Reviews more than anything help readers discover new authors on the major platforms like Amazon and Kobo.

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