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Edith Piaf had no regrets, but the women who find their way to the door of the Hotel Déjà Vu seem to have a few.

Available in eBook and paperback from Amazon here. Or from Kobo here.

They say we only regret the chances we didn’t take, the dream we didn’t chase, the career, the lover. Is it better to have loved and lost?

Paris is in her darkest hour. It’s 1944 and the war is raging all around her. In an ancient stone house near Notre Dame is home to the distinguished de la Roche family, as Paris burns, Antoinette, a scientist working for the resistance, discovers a secret room that sends her back to 1933. Will her hastily scribbled memories help her change the outcome of the war? Only time will tell.

Paris in the ’90s is still a hotbed of creativity and decadence for artists. Australian Karen finds herself in the quiet stone room in the house with the blue door, desperate to change her shattered life. She goes back to the last time she can remember being happy…and whole…her arms free of the marks left by the drug she used to escape the pain of being herself.

She uses her second chance to make a better life but learns that not everyone wants to be saved.

Now it’s 2016, tour guide Rachel, can’t believe she lost the man of her dreams twice. She comes face-to-face with her past when her latest tour group arrives to stay in the luxurious home-turned private hotel in Paris, the ancient stone house with the blue door. Between touring all over Paris, the shopping, and the champagne, the women learn how to let their hair down and have fun again and remember what it is they really want from life and some find they need to do it all again.

Available in eBook, paperback and large print. Hardback coming in 2020.

Hotel Déjà Vu is a story of love, strong women, and Paris.


Combining the intrigue and sass of Sex & the City, Paris style, with the psychological mind trip of Sliding Doors. Christine Betts weaves a colourful tapestry through the adventures of a diverse group of women, each touring in search of a slice of heaven; for some, a final escape in the heart of France. Pulling on one thread affects the whole, as characters collide. All is not as it seems; not when time itself is malleable. Would you go back to a happier moment; fix the wrongs, shun addiction and create a masterpiece, make your life beautiful? Read on before you decide… “Life is a series of choices; one taken, one thousand missed…” ~ Annie Smit, Goodreads

5 stars  – J’aime Paris

It’s a great read. If you love Paris, read this book! I’ve recommended it already to friends and family. ~ Danielle Rodriguez, Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

I really felt carried away with the story in this book and wanted to keep reading it to finish it, I love books that have travel in them and thoroughly enjoyed it, and would recommend it as a light-hearted read. ~ Deborah Petrie-Godbolt 

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