What do you tell yourself when no one’s listening?

I was never a massive fan of affirmations but I must admit they can be a useful tool. If you’ve got a voice telling you you’re crap then cutting that out is a good start towards feeling better. I write a lot about the inner critic because it shocked me to my core to discover it was telling me lies. I am not my thoughts. Who knew?

Learning to quieten that voice through journaling and meditation was an amazing gift to give myself. I had internalised a whole raft of untruths about myself and believing those kept me small, unhappy, and bitter.

I’ve been working with two affirmations. I don’t know if they’re strictly affirmations but for want of a better term I’ll go with that. The first is simple but after four days I can tell you it’s powerful.

I am enough.

Some people will tell you to write it on your mirror in lipstick but I’ve settled for writing it in the steam because I don’t want my visitors to think I’m weird. But I guess anyone who knows me well enough to be in my en-suite bathroom knows that already.

Jokes aside, It’s helping. It really is. I’ve even created a playlist of some of the circa-900 songs on Spotify called I am enough. I feel more positive than I have in a while. I’m feel that the things I am “letting go” in this cray-cray 9 year are loosening their grip, especially lack. Ever since the landlord put the house on the market I’ve been letting those old fears of abandonment and exposure bubble up to be healed. I’m glad I have the opportunity to heal.

Yay. Healing. My favourite. 😉

That little joke brings me to a recent addition to my affirmations and meditation.

Only that which is for my highest good can touch me.

This is a very clever little phrase because no matter what freaky shit lands in your lap you can embrace it and say thank you! This is for my highest good.

Again. Yay.

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