Mercury Retro-yay

Mercury has just gone retrograde for the second time this year. Mercury in retrograde has a bad reputation for stuffing things up, but when you listen to the experts, it appears this time can give us myriad opportunity to heal and grow. Yay for Mercury in Retrograde. Yep…I’m going with yay!

According to the amazing Dr Michael Lennox, right now we have the opportunity to shine a light on the inner work we’re currently doing.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on letting go. Letting go of lack, fear, and abandonment. I’m also in a 9 year so it’s a double whammy. But instead of being fearful during this retro-yay we can love it and be thankful for the period of accelerated growth and learning.

How do we work it? During this retro-yay we have an opportunity to look at the stories we’ve created and those we’ve inherited.

We create stories to explain situations we don’t understand when we’re young. When we get older we hang onto those old stories without really questioning their origins.

I think journaling is a great way to get to these stories, to bring them out into the light. If you’re doing your Morning Pages, writing three pages long-hand each morning, then you can’t help but look at the stories you’ve created. They just spring out during the writing process. Personally, I’ve created a story about how I don’t fit in anywhere. This works to keep me separate. I’ve also created a story about how no one wants to listen to what I have to say. This works to keep my from telling my stories.

We inherit stories too. As children we carefully watch our parents and elders for cues about how to react and sadly we can inherit their fears and prejudices. I’ve inherited a few stories. I’ve inherited the fear and the lack, but now I am letting them go.

Writing prompts for drilling down to our stories…

  • What is my earliest memory?
  • Who kept me safe? Who made me feel unsafe?
  • What did I want to be when I grew up?
  • Who inspired me?
  • When did I feel happiest? Saddest?
  • What item did I desire most? Did I get it? If not, why not?
  • What memories do I have around my grandparents? My parents?
  • What do I know about my grandparents’ or parents’ lives?
  • What is my earliest money memory?
  • Who celebrated my success? Who was there when I was at my lowest?

Getting to the bottom of our stories can free us from their grip. Working with a journal is a great start and tapping can get into where we store these stories in our bodies. I have worked with a therapist from time to time. This is especially helpful when you get to stuff you just can’t seem to shift.

Dr. Jordan Peterson is a polarising figure but I honestly believe anyone who think he’s a RWNJ just hasn’t listened or read any of his stuff. He offers a program called Self Authoring and it’s brilliant. If you are not keen on his stuff, listen to his interview with Joe Rogan and make your mind up yourself. Of course, skip his stuff if you feel you know all you need to know about him but I swear most people have closed their minds off even though they’ve never actually listened to him or read his books.

There are heaps of great books around too. I loved Maybe it’s You by Lauren Handel-Zander. It has some exercises to help us look at our excuses and stories. I found it quite confronting because for a while I still wanted to blame my environment for any perceived lack of success. To be honest, I’m still prone to this…

Lauren Handel Zander on Inspire Nation

I’m looking forward to this retrograde… It’s time to level up. This isn’t the time for playing small.

A new course by Monique Ruffin perfect for this time
hubby and I after our winter solstice swim


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      Thanks for letting me know. ❤️ I follow Dr Michael Lennox the astrology genius for all this kind of info. He’s great for cutting through the nonsense that often accompanies astrology ☺️

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