Be the exception!

I’ve written about this before but I’m gonna trot it out again because it’s important. I saw this post today in a Facebook group called Authors and Writers Helping Each Other or something like that. We see this kind of thing trotted out every few weeks in the online writing groups on FB, Insta, or Twitter.

Look at those retweets and likes. It had 115 comments and I scrolled through them and less than 5 had something positive to say. It makes me sad that so many people are buying into these old toxic stereotypes. I had to comment. This is me, Christine Betts, below – the big comment.

STOP right there!

Come on creatives! What’s so cool about half-assing things? If it’s worth doing, use your whole ass!

If we want to make a success of our art (there are as many different definitions of success as there are artists!) Dr Eric Maisel says, we must be the exception!

Be prepared to work long hours,

write in those pretty journals,

back up your work like a professional, Google Drive is free!

and YES – believe in yourself.

Imposter syndrome serves no one!

Ask for feedback, find a critique partner or group. Learn your craft. Get better and better.

No one else is going to do it for you.

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