So, how do we fix this?

Intention. Intense. Incredible.

Question for the week… what’s the intention behind your actions?

I stopped posting here daily earlier this year to focus on my fiction writing.

We arrived back from Bali tanned and relaxed about 5 weeks ago and as we all know the world has spiraled out of control. Amidst trying to keep it together and keep my business running, writing fiction has been my saviour. It was 100% the right decision to make as I just can’t settle to write the blog. This is my tenth attempt to write something here.

I don’t want to pour my thoughts out here, we’re all doing the best we can to keep calm and carry on, and it’s far easier to lose myself in my fiction, my little make-believe world in the Loire valley with spunky Thalia, caring Camryn, Phil the hottie, and Braith, who may or may not be a ghost.

Why am I still bothering with fiction?

Because fiction has to makes sense, and reality never does. I can control my story and even though I am writing stories about strong women doing cool shit in great shoes, I suppose like all storytellers, I am really trying to make sense of the world.

Goddess knows I don’t feel terribly powerful right now…

Truth is, I’m as powerful as I was two weeks ago or two years ago. All we can control is our response to the world. I’m not hitting the yoga mat as much as I could but I am meditating each morning and night. Each morning I do my normal seated breath work and a Metta meditation. At night before bed I do a Nadi Shodhana practice. The Nadi Shodhana, or alternate nostril breathing is really helping me sleep and has all kinds of healing benefits according to my teachers at the Yoga Centre.

I love Yoga with Adriene <3

As always we can only fix ourselves and if all we do is concentrate on staying calm that helps. Helping just one other person calm themselves is a bonus. Spreading calm is the plan.

Each day I post my meditations and yoga on social media. I try to pass along important info but intersperse it with happy stuff. I get a couple of likes, maybe a comment or two…but I was naughty yesterday and posted a bit of a trouble-making sentence on Facebook. Well, I got an avalanche of likes and comments and it was all very negative and cranky. I haven’t deleted it but I will. I shouldn’t have put something inflammatory out there. It doesn’t help but it proved true that people react far more strongly to outrage and anger than to positivity.

I hope this makes some sense and I hope something here helps someone out there feel a little bit more calm, a little happier, or a little more positive.