I went to my first Kirtan on Friday night. I will admit I had very high expectations they were utterly upheld in every way. It was wonderful. The chanting was powerful and sharing that experience with my sangha, my community of like-minded people, was beautiful, even though we kept to our 1.5m distance and Namaste’d left right and centre where we would normally hug.

At the start, I was meditating and bringing light in. I was intending, sending love to my sisters who are bearing the brunt of this crisis working in health care. My cousin in emergency, my sis who is answering calls from sick, worried people, my nieces and dear friends who are nurses. I was chanting my heart out. At some point in the first chant, Madhava said,

‘Kirtan is simple for the simple and complicated for the complicated.

As usual I was overthinking everything.

I let go and felt the simple energy of the chant through my entire body. I felt a little emotional when I left. I had trouble getting to sleep and I had high expectations for how I’d feel afterwards. I thought I’d feel amazing on Saturday morning but I felt blah. Not sick blah, but flat. I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting but I was still same old me the next day.

Madhava Kirtan on Youtube

In light of all the crazy that’s going on out there, it stands to reason I feel a little out of sorts. Maybe I need to chant Kirtan every day.

Feature Photo by AMRITA GHANTY on Unsplash